Wimbledon to feature AI commentary and draw analysis - Applications - NewsWimbledon to feature AI commentary and draw analysis - Applications - News

Wimbledon Announces New ai-Powered Features for Enhanced Digital Fan Experience

The All England Club and IBM have unveiled innovative ai-powered features designed to elevate the digital fan experience for tennis enthusiasts during this year’s Championships.

ai Commentary: A More Engaging Way to Catch Up on Matches

One of the new features is the ai commentary, a collaborative effort between The All England Club and IBM. This tool allows fans watching match highlights videos on the Wimbledon App and wimbledon.com to enjoy audio commentary and captions of crucial moments.

The ai commentary aims to deliver a more insightful experience, making it an excellent alternative for matches outside of Wimbledon’s Show Courts, where human commentary is already available. Experts from IBM iX and The All England Club trained the ai using IBM’s enterprise ai and data platform, Watson.

Generative ai: Diverse Narration for Informative and Engaging Clips

The generative ai employed in the feature produces narration with diverse sentence structures and vocabulary, enhancing the informative and engaging nature of the clips.

ai Draw Analysis: Uncovering Anomalies in the Singles Draw

Another groundbreaking feature is the ai draw analysis, a first-of-its-kind innovation in tennis. By using ai, this tool generates a favorability rating for each player in the singles draw based on factors like match-ups against potential opponents and their position in the draw compared to competitors.

This unique insight enables tennis fans to discover hidden patterns and potential surprises within the singles draw that may not be evident solely by considering the players’ rankings. The aim is to inspire more debate and engagement among fans.

Existing ai-Powered Tools: Deepening Fans’ Understanding of the Game

These new features join IBM’s existing suite of ai-powered tools available on the Wimbledon App and wimbledon.com, including the IBM Power Index Leaderboard, IBM Match Insights, and Personalized Highlights Reels and Recommendations.

These digital features leverage IBM’s Watson ai technology to analyze over 100,000 data points from every shot played throughout the tournament. The constant updates and tailored insights keep fans engaged and informed throughout the championships.

Wimbledon 2023: Experience ai-Powered Features in Action

Wimbledon takes place from July 3 to July 16, 2023. Tennis fans can witness these ai-powered features in action by visiting wimbledon.com or downloading the Wimbledon App from the App Store or Google Play.

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