MosaicML’s latest models outperform GPT-3 with just 30B parameters - Artificial Intelligence - NewsMosaicML’s latest models outperform GPT-3 with just 30B parameters - Artificial Intelligence - News

**MosaicML Unveils Advanced MPT-30B Models: Superior Quality, Data Security, and Affordability**

MosaicML’s Latest LLM Releases: Base, Instruct, and Chat

MosaicML, an open-source large language model (LLM) provider, has recently introduced its most advanced models yet – Base, Instruct, and Chat. These cutting-edge models were developed using the MosaicML Platform on NVIDIA’s latest H100 accelerators, offering superior quality compared to the original GPT-3 model.

MPT-30B: Leveraging Generative ai with Privacy and Cost Savings

Since the launch of MPT-7B models in May 2023, which saw over 3.3 million downloads, the newly released MPT-30B models deliver even higher quality and open up new possibilities for various applications. MosaicML’s MPT models are optimized for efficient training and inference, making it easier for developers to build and deploy enterprise-grade models.

MPT-30B Surpasses GPT-3’s Quality with 30 Billion Parameters

One significant achievement of MPT-30B is its ability to surpass the quality of GPT-3 using only 30 billion parameters, as opposed to GPT-3’s 175 billion. This makes MPT-30B more accessible for local hardware use and significantly cheaper for deployment.

Lower Training Costs and Faster Inference with MPT-30B

The cost of training custom models based on MPT-30B is also significantly lower compared to GPT-3, making it an attractive choice for businesses. Furthermore, MPT-30B was trained on longer sequences of up to 8,000 tokens, enabling it to handle data-heavy enterprise applications and perform efficiently using NVIDIA’s H100 GPUs.

Success Stories: Industry Leaders Embrace MosaicML’s MPT Models

Several companies have already adopted MosaicML’s MPT models for their ai applications, including:

– : a web-based IDE, successfully built a code generation model using proprietary data and MosaicML’s training platform, leading to improved code quality, speed, and cost-effectiveness.
– : an ai startup specializing in chatbot development, created a multilingual generative ai model capable of understanding English and Korean using MosaicML’s MPT models.
– : a global travel and expense management software company, is leveraging the MPT foundation to develop custom LLMs for applications like virtual travel agents and conversational business intelligence agents.

Accessing MPT-30B: Flexible Options for Developers

Developers can access MPT-30B as an open-source model and fine-tune it on their data for inference on their infrastructure. Alternatively, they can use MosaicML’s managed endpoint, MPT-30B-Instruct, which offers hassle-free model inference at a fraction of the cost compared to similar endpoints ($0.005 per 1,000 tokens).

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