SK Telecom outlines its plans with AI partners - Applications - NewsSK Telecom outlines its plans with AI partners - Applications - News

SKT: Forging Ahead in the Global ai Industry with Strategic Partnerships

(SK Telecom) is making bold moves to strengthen its presence within the international ai landscape.

Recently, the company convened a conference at its Silicon Valley headquarters with the CEOs of four new ai collaborators – CMES, MakinaRocks, Scatter Lab, and FriendliAI. The agenda focused on business alignment and paving the way for SKT’s leadership in the ai sector.

Strategic Partnerships: Driving ai Transformation

SKT has been actively fostering ai transformation by collaborating with various ai companies. During MWC 2023, the company unveiled partnerships with seven ai firms: SAPEON, Bespin Global, Moloco, Konan Technology, Swit, Phantom ai, and Tuat.

A Peak into the Discussions: SKT & CMES

During the conference, Ryu Young-sang, CEO of SKT, shared the company’s ai strategy and engaged in detailed discussions with CMES – an innovative robotics firm specializing in ai technology. The conversation revolved around the development of pricing models for “Robot as a Service (RaaS)” and subscription-based business plans tailored to enterprise clients.

The Rising Tide of Robot as a Service (RaaS)

RaaS is increasingly gaining popularity as an affordable alternative to investing in additional workforce or infrastructure for automation. The demand for RaaS is projected to surge in industries such as logistics, delivery services, construction, and healthcare.

SKT & Scatter Lab: Emotional ai Integration

SKT aims to team up with Scatter Lab, a renowned ai startup known for its Lee Lu-da chatbot. The collaboration includes integrating an emotional ai agent into SKT’s ai service, ‘A’.

Synergy Creation: SKT, MakinaRocks, and FriendliAI

Additionally, SKT discussed synergy creation strategies with MakinaRocks, a startup specializing in industrial ai solutions, and FriendliAI, a platform provider for generative ai models. Together, the companies aim to establish a dominant position within the global ai market.

CEO Ryu Young-sang: Leading the Global ai Ecosystem

“By tapping into the knowledge and technologies of our ai partners, SKT is primed to spearhead the global ai ecosystem and bring groundbreaking ai solutions to market,” stated Ryu Young-sang, CEO of SKT.

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