Telcos to spend $20B on AI network orchestration by 2028 - Artificial Intelligence - NewsTelcos to spend $20B on AI network orchestration by 2028 - Artificial Intelligence - News

Title: Telecom Companies to Invest $20 Billion in ai for Network Management by 2028

A new report from indicates that telecom companies are expected to increase their spending on artificial intelligence (ai) for automating network management to $20 billion by 2028, a 240% rise from estimated spending levels in 2024 of $6 billion. This growth is necessary as telcos expand 5G networks globally and develop future 6G networks, with ai software playing a vital role in optimizing network performance and Website security.

ai Orchestration:
As enterprises adopt cellular connectivity for smart factories, self-driving vehicles, and other bandwidth-intensive applications, ai orchestration will be essential for telcos to maximize efficiency, reduce costs, and provide the best quality of service. By automating functions such as real-time network analysis and rapid adjustments to changing demands, telcos can minimize expenses tied to network operations and provisioning.

Importance for High-Spending Users:
“As operators compete on the quality of their networks, ai will be essential to maximizing the value of using a cellular network for connectivity,” said Frederick Savage, author of the report. High-spending users will gravitate towards networks that can provide the best service conditions.

Challenge for Non-Incorporating ai:
Telcos that fail to incorporate ai may ultimately struggle to keep pace with customer demands for performance and Website security, putting them at a disadvantage in the competitive market.

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