Fetch.ai and Deutsche Telekom partner to converge AI and blockchain - Applications - NewsFetch.ai and Deutsche Telekom partner to converge AI and blockchain - Applications - News

Deutsche Telekom Collaborates with UK ai Startup to Advance Cutting-Edge ai and Blockchain Solutions

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Deutsche Telekom, a global leading telecommunications company, has announced its collaboration with a UK-based ai startup to promote innovative cutting-edge artificial intelligence (ai) and Blockchain solutions. This partnership marks the first major corporate partnership for the startup, Fetch.ai, which aims to support an open ai and blockchain platform with Deutsche Telekom’s Web3 Infrastructure & Solutions team spearheading the initiative.

**Core Technologies:**
The core of Fetch.ai’s cutting-edge technology revolves around autonomous software agents, powered by advanced ai algorithms. These ai-driven agents have the potential to unlock a wide range of realworld applications across various sectors like automotive, supply chain management, healthcare, and digital identity. For instance:
* ai agents could optimize production schedules based on supply chain data
* Matching patients to clinical trials using health records
The tamper-proof nature of blockchain enables secure transmission and access to sensitive data, adding an extra layer of Website security.

**Dirk Röder’s Perspective:**
Dirk Röder, Head of Deutsche Telekom’s Web3 Infrastructure & Solutions team, underscores the significant potential impact of this convergence between blockchain, ai, and IoT, which he refers to as “trailblazing the digital transformation of entire industries.” He adds that autonomous agents will automate industrial services, simplifying processes securely thanks to blockchain.

**Deutsche Telekom’s Role as a Validator:**
As a validator on the decentralised Fetch.ai network, Deutsche Telekom MMS ensures network Website security as more devices, users, and services integrate with the Fetch.ai blockchain. Built on the cosmos protocol, Fetch.ai operates as a permissionless decentralised network with open-source code accessible globally.

**Integrating ai and Blockchain:**
The collaboration between Deutsche Telekom and Fetch.ai symbolizes significant progress in integrating ai and Web3 innovations into the machine economy, enabling a decentralised Web3 internet that empowers user privacy and control.

**Future Collaborations:**
Deutsche Telekom and Fetch.ai plan to collaborate in one of Europe’s largest ai and IoT hackathons on February 28-29, 2024.

This groundbreaking collaboration between Deutsche Telekom and Fetch.ai showcases the power of combining ai and blockchain solutions, paving the way for a decentralised Web3 internet that prioritizes user privacy and control while unlocking the potential of reliable, transparent data.

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