Google launches Gemini to replace Bard chatbot - Applications - NewsGoogle launches Gemini to replace Bard chatbot - Applications - News

Introducing Google’s New ai Chatbot: Gemini

Google has unveiled its new ai chatbot, Gemini, replacing their short-lived Bard service. Launched in December, the chatbot aims to compete with other chatbots such as ChatGPT but failed to impress during its demo showcase.

A New Beginning for Google’s ai Chatbot

Gemini, which has undergone extensive trust and safety checks to mitigate issues around unsafe content and bias, is now rebranded as a part of Google’s “most capable family of models” for natural conversations. With two experiences launched: Gemini Advanced and mobile app, the company aims to expand the chatbot’s capabilities over time by introducing exclusive features such as expanded multimodal interactions, interactive coding, deeper data analysis, and more.

Two Experiences for Users

Gemini Advanced offers users access to its largest and most capable ai model, Ultra 1.0. Third-party raters have preferred Gemini Advanced with Ultra 1.0 over alternatives in complex tasks like coding, logical reasoning, and creative collaboration during blind evaluations. It serves as a tutor by creating personalized lessons and quizzes, assisting developers with trickier coding problems while also sparking ideas and strategizing ways to grow audiences.

Access and Pricing

Gemini Advanced is available through a subscription for $19.99 (£18.99) per month, with two months free and access to the latest Google ai advancements included from the existing Premium plan. In addition, users can now access basic Gemini features through new mobile apps available on Android and iOS in various countries starting this week.

Gemini’s Future as a Personal ai Assistant

As the Gemini mobile apps expand to more countries and languages, Google plans for Gemini to evolve into a true personal ai assistant. With its focus on natural conversations and a variety of capabilities, the chatbot is an interesting development in the world of ai technology and could potentially revolutionize the way people interact with artificial intelligence.

By Kevin Don

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