ITN to explore how AI can be a force for good at the AI & Big Data Expo this November - Artificial Intelligence - NewsITN to explore how AI can be a force for good at the AI & Big Data Expo this November - Artificial Intelligence - News

ai & Big Data: A Force for Good to be Launched at the ai & Big Data Expo in London

30th November 2023, London:

Exploring the Transformative Power of artificial intelligence

Though the foundations of artificial intelligence (ai) were laid three decades ago, it has only recently emerged as a game-changer. When applied ethically and responsibly, ai can bring about remarkable improvements in various aspects of our lives, tackling societal challenges, increasing efficiency, and boosting human well-being.

ai’s Positive Impact: ‘ai & Big Data: A Force for Good’

ITN Business will delve into the transformative capabilities of ai and its impact on society in a newsstyle programme titled ‘ai & Big Data: A Force for Good’. The programme, anchored by Duncan Golestani from the ITN London studio, will feature insights from industry experts.

Expert Contributions and Best Practices

The Alan Turing Institute is among the thought leaders contributing to this programme. Nina Harrison-Bell, Head of ITN Business, expressed her curiosity about the role of ai and Big Data in our lives: “The rapid advancements in ai and Big Data seem to be everywhere in our news feeds. We’re excited to explore the landscape with industry experts, understanding whether these technologies pose threats or offer opportunities for a more efficient and effective world.”

Featured Organisations and Commercial Opportunities

ai & Big Data: A Force for Good’ will showcase organisations leading the way in ai development and implementation. The programme aims to demonstrate how ai can simplify everyday tasks and pave the way for large-scale positive change, making our world better and safer.

Launching at the ai & Big Data Expo

The programme will debut on 30th November 2023 at the ai & Big Data Expo. It will consist of expert interviews, news items, and sponsored editorial profiles. After its launch, the programme will be available on the ITN Business content hub and promoted through a digital campaign led by ITN Business and The Economist.

Leading Organisations Invited to Share Their ai Stories

For organisations spearheading the ai revolution, ITN Business offers a unique opportunity to take part and share their stories. If this aligns with your work, please contact Isabella Sharp at [[email protected].uk](mailto:[email protected].uk) or Rams Bdesha at [[email protected].uk](mailto:[email protected].uk).

By Kevin Don

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