Databricks acquires LLM pioneer MosaicML for $1.3B - Artificial Intelligence - NewsDatabricks acquires LLM pioneer MosaicML for $1.3B - Artificial Intelligence - News

Databricks Acquires MosaicML: Making Generative ai Accessible to All

has recently announced its agreement to acquire , a trailblazer in large language models (LLMs). This strategic move marks Databricks’ commitment to making generative ai accessible to organizations of all sizes.

Empowering Organizations with Generative ai

The acquisition, valued at approximately $1.3 billion – including retention packages – underscores Databricks’ dedication to democratizing ai and solidifying its platform as a leading environment for creating generative ai and LLMs. With this acquisition, organizations can now develop, own, and safeguard their own generative ai models using their own data.

Recognized Innovation: MosaicML

MosaicML has garnered acclaim for its advanced MPT large language models, with millions of downloads on Hugging Face and the recent launch of . The platform showcases how organizations can create and train their own state-of-the-art models cost-effectively by utilizing their data. Notable clients include AI2, Generally Intelligent, Hippocratic ai, Replit, and Scatter Labs.

A Simplified Path to Model Development

The primary objective of this acquisition is to provide organizations with a streamlined and rapid method for developing, owning, and securing their models. By combining the strengths of Databricks’ Lakehouse Platform and MosaicML’s technology, customers can retain control, security, and ownership over their valuable data without incurring excessive costs.

Efficient Model Training with MosaicML

MosaicML’s automatic optimization of model training results in 2x-7x faster training compared to conventional methods, and the near-linear scaling of resources allows for the training of multi-billion-parameter models in hours. By merging Databricks’ unified Data and ai platform with MosaicML’s generative ai training capabilities, the companies aim to bring down the cost of training and utilizing LLMs from millions to thousands of dollars.

A Powerful, Flexible Platform

The integration of Databricks’ comprehensive Data and ai platform with MosaicML’s generative ai training capabilities will result in a robust, flexible platform capable of serving the needs of large organizations and addressing a wide range of ai use cases.

Expertise and Research at Databricks

Upon completion of the transaction, the entire MosaicML team – including its renowned research team – is expected to join Databricks. MosaicML’s machine learning and neural networks experts are at the forefront of ai research, striving to improve model training efficiency. They have contributed to popular open-source foundational models like MPT-30B and the training algorithms powering MosaicML’s products.

A Seamless Unified Platform for Generative ai

The MosaicML platform will gradually be supported, scaled, and integrated to provide customers with a unified platform for building, owning, and securing their generative ai models. The partnership between Databricks and MosaicML provides customers with the freedom to construct custom models, train them using unique data, and generate intellectual property for their businesses.

Regulatory Approvals Pending

The completion of the proposed acquisition is contingent upon customary closing conditions, including regulatory clearances. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting development in the world of ai.

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