Is the future of travel and hospitality data-driven? - Industries - NewsIs the future of travel and hospitality data-driven? - Industries - News

contact Hospitality and Travel Brands: Meeting the Evolving Demands of Personalised Experiences

The competition is intense for contact hospitality and travel brands to meet the evolving expectations of their customers. With tech giants like Netflix and Amazon setting the bar high for personalised recommendations and experiences, traveller satisfaction hinges on a brand’s ability to offer tailored experiences. From researching a trip to leaving a review, personalisation is key.

Leveraging Data-Driven Strategies for Personalised Experiences

Despite the importance of getting personalisation right, many contact travel and hospitality brands struggle to implement a robust data strategy. However, they now have more customer data than ever before, and most travellers are willing to share their personal information in exchange for customised services. Brands should seize this opportunity to build a comprehensive first-party data suite, preparing for the complex world of privacy regulations and shrinking third-party cookies.

The Data Challenge: Connecting Multiple Data Sources

Managing customer data is not a new challenge, but with an influx of new information, brands are finding themselves deeper in the data abyss. Systems lacking the proper intelligence fail to recognise that Business Traveler Joe and Vacation Joe share the same person with different loyalty accounts. A single, accurate view of the customer is essential for effective personalisation and accurate insights.

From DMPs to CDPs: Adapting to the New Data Environment

Data Management Platforms (DMPs) have long been a marketer’s essential tool for gaining insights into unknown audiences. However, privacy concerns and evolving regulations make it increasingly difficult to find available audiences and insights. In response, brands are turning to Customer Data Platforms (CDPs), which use first-party data to create a single source of customer truth. CDPs provide the flexibility and scalability required in today’s fast-paced digital landscape.

The Role of Intelligent Identity Solutions

Data collection: A robust identity platform can ingest customer data in its native formats, eliminating silos and preserving the richness of the data. This is crucial for effective personalisation and insights.

Probabilistic Identity Resolution

Flexible probabilistic identity resolution: ai-powered algorithms help establish identity matches by making intelligent judgments and drawing probable links between seemingly unrelated data sets and identifiers. Unlike deterministic approaches that rely on exact matches, probabilistic platforms allow for larger-scale identity resolution with the flexibility to adapt as new data is introduced.

Massive Computing Power

Computing power: Petabytes of data pass through identity systems daily. Robust infrastructure is essential for brands to scale up or down according to their needs.

Transforming Data Management Processes with Intelligent Identity Solutions

By investing in powerful data management systems, leveraging employee data and prioritising guest experience improvement, contact travel and hospitality brands can make significant strides towards true personalisation. Embracing the power of personalisation results in memorable travel experiences that leave a lasting impact on customers, driving success in the evolving travel industry.

Elevating the Guest Experience: A Genuine Endeavour

Effective use of guest experience data isn’t just a means to boost a brand’s bottom line—it’s an authentic commitment to enhancing the overall guest experience. By embracing the power of data, brands can transcend today’s challenges and create a future where every traveller feels understood, valued and inspired by their experiences.

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