Large language models could ‘revolutionsise the finance sector within two years’ - Artificial Intelligence - NewsLarge language models could ‘revolutionsise the finance sector within two years’ - Artificial Intelligence - News

Large Language Models (LLMs) Transforming Finance Sector: Fraud Detection, Insights, and Customer Service

According to a report by The Alan Turing Institute, Large Language Models (LLMs) have the potential to revolutionize the finance sector with their efficiency and safety benefits. These models can detect fraudulent activities, generate financial insights, and automate customer service (1).

Adoption of LLMs Across Finance Ecosystem

The report, which is the first to investigate the adoption of LLMs across the finance sector, reveals that professionals in this field are already utilizing these models for various internal processes such as regulation review and assessment for advisory and trading services (2).

Researchers held a workshop with 43 professionals from high street and investment banks, regulators, insurers, payment service providers, government, and legal professions. The majority of participants (52%) are currently using LLMs to enhance performance in information-oriented tasks, such as managing meeting notes and improving cybersecurity and compliance insights. Another 29% use them to boost critical thinking skills, while 16% employ them for complex task breakdowns (2).

Productivity and Integration of LLMs in Finance

The finance sector is already developing systems to enhance productivity through the rapid analysis of large volumes of text. This simplifies decision-making processes, risk profiling, and improves investment research and back-office operations (3). Within the next two years, participants believe LLMs will be integrated into services like investment banking and venture capital strategy development (4).

Additionally, participants foresee the integration of LLMs to improve interactions between people and machines for tasks like dictation and ai assistants. These tools can help simplify complex knowledge-intensive tasks, such as reviewing regulations (4).

Challenges and Recommendations

However, participants also acknowledge the potential risks associated with LLMs in the finance sector. Given the regulatory standards and obligations for financial institutions, they cannot use systems that do not generate predictable, consistent output or are difficult to explain (5).

The authors recommend collaboration among financial services professionals, regulators, and policy makers to share knowledge about implementing and using LLMs safely. The growing interest in open-source models should be explored effectively but addressing security and privacy concerns remains a top priority (5).

Professor Carsten Maple’s Perspective

According to Professor Carsten Maple, the lead author and Turing Fellow at The Alan Turing Institute, “Banks and other financial institutions have always been quick to adopt new technologies. The emergence of LLMs is no different. By bringing together experts across the finance ecosystem, we have managed to create a common understanding of use cases, risks, value, and timeline for implementation at scale.”

Professor Lukasz Szpruch’s Viewpoint

Professor Lukasz Szpruch, the programme director for Finance and Economics at The Alan Turing Institute, shared his perspective: “It’s really positive that the financial sector is benefiting from the emergence of large language models. Implementing these technologies into this highly regulated sector has the potential to provide best practices for other sectors as well. This study demonstrates the importance of research institutes and industry working together to assess the opportunities, along with the practical and ethical challenges, to ensure safe implementation.”

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