ChatGPT expands ‘Custom Instructions’ to free users - Applications - NewsChatGPT expands ‘Custom Instructions’ to free users - Applications - News

Custom Instructions Now Available to All ChatGPT Users: A Game-Changer for Personalized Interactions

Initially launched as a premium feature, “Custom Instructions” are now accessible to users on the free plan of ChatGPT. This update empowers users to customize their interactions with ChatGPT according to unique needs and preferences, leading to more dynamic and relevant conversations.

Empowering Users with Personalized Responses

Whether you’re a student seeking homework help, an aspiring writer brainstorming ideas, or a curious mind exploring various topics, Custom Instructions enable the ai model to consider specific instructions while generating responses. This results in more personalized and contextually relevant interactions.

Streamlining Conversations with Custom Instructions

As users set their preferences or requirements using Custom Instructions, ChatGPT will consider these inputs in every subsequent interaction. This eliminates the need to repeat instructions and fosters a more engaging and productive dialogue with the ai. Furthermore, custom instructions enhance the utility of ChatGPT’s plugins by incorporating specific user details for accurate and contextually relevant responses.

Safety Measures and User Control

OpenAI has implemented safety measures to accommodate the introduction of Custom Instructions. Instructions violating usage policies will be identified and disregarded, ensuring a secure environment for all users. Users have control over their data settings and can opt-out of this feature if desired.

Enabling Custom Instructions: A Simple Process

Free plan users can enable Custom Instructions by navigating to their account settings. However, this feature is currently unavailable for users in the EU and UK, with plans to expand access “soon.”

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