Azure and NVIDIA deliver next-gen GPU acceleration for AI - Artificial Intelligence - NewsAzure and NVIDIA deliver next-gen GPU acceleration for AI - Artificial Intelligence - News

Revolutionizing Generative ai Applications with Microsoft Azure and NVIDIA’s Accelerated Technology

Microsoft Azure users can now leverage NVIDIA’s latest advancements in accelerated computing technology, transforming the training and deployment of their generative ai applications. This groundbreaking collaboration integrates Azure Virtual Machines (VMs) with NVIDIA Tensor Core GPUs and Quantum-2 InfiniBand networking, enabling effortless scaling of generative ai and high-performance computing applications.

A Timely Partnership for Large Language Models (LLMs) and Accelerated Computing

As developers and researchers increasingly explore the potential of LLMs and accelerated computing, this cutting-edge collaboration comes at an opportune moment. NVIDIA’s H100 GPU, with its supercomputing-class performance, is a testament to this trend. Its architectural innovations include fourth-generation Tensor Cores, a new Transformer Engine for enhanced LLM acceleration, and NVLink technology for inter-GPU communication at an unprecedented 900GB/sec.

InfiniBand Networking Ensures Seamless Performance Across GPUs

The integration of the NVIDIA Quantum-2 CX7 InfiniBand, offering a 3,200 Gbps cross-node bandwidth, ensures uninterrupted performance across GPUs at massive scales. This capability positions the technology on par with the computational capabilities of the world’s most advanced supercomputers.

ND H100 v5 VMs: A Game Changer for LLMs and Computer Vision Models

The newly launched ND H100 v5 VMs offer immense potential for training and inferring increasingly intricate LLMs and computer vision models. These neural networks power complex and compute-intensive generative ai applications, from question answering and code generation to audio, video, image synthesis, and speech recognition.

Unprecedented Performance Boost in LLM Inference

A remarkable feature of the ND H100 v5 VMs is their ability to deliver up to a 2x speedup in LLM inference. This performance boost, as demonstrated by the BLOOM 175B model, underscores their capacity to optimize ai applications further and fuel innovation across industries.

Enterprise-Level ai Training and Inference Capabilities

The synergy between NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs and Microsoft Azure empowers enterprises with unmatched ai training and inference capabilities. This collaboration also simplifies the development and deployment of production ai, bolstered by the integration of NVIDIA’s ai Enterprise software suite and Azure Machine Learning for MLOps.

Industry-Standard MLPerf Benchmarks Validate Groundbreaking ai Performance

The combined efforts have resulted in industry-standard MLPerf benchmark validations, further underscoring the power of this collaboration.

Extending Reach and Enabling Industrial Digitalization

The integration of the NVIDIA platform with Azure extends the collaboration’s reach, offering users everything they need for industrial digitalization and ai supercomputing.

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