UK deputy PM warns UN that AI regulation is falling behind advances - Artificial Intelligence - NewsUK deputy PM warns UN that AI regulation is falling behind advances - Artificial Intelligence - News

UK Deputy PM Oliver Dowden addresses the UN, raising concerns about the potentially destabilizing impact of ai on the world order. He urges governments to regulate ai development, as the rapid pace of advancement in ai technology may outstrip their ability to ensure safe and responsible use. Dowden highlights that the UK will host a global ai regulation summit in November, aiming to bring together international leaders, experts, and industry representatives to address pressing concerns surrounding ai.

One of the main fears with unchecked ai development is its potential for widespread job displacement, misinformation proliferation, and societal discrimination deepening. Dowden emphasizes the importance of establishing global regulatory standards to prevent the ai ticking timebomb from exploding and calls for transparency and oversight in the regulatory process, ensuring that ai companies do not have undue influence over it.

Dowden also underscores the need for coordinated action by nation-states to provide assurance to the public that significant national security concerns stemming from ai have been adequately addressed. While he acknowledges that ai can be a tool for good, Dowden notes that it can also be a tool for ill depending on its application and highlights the potential for ai to accelerate development in world’s most impoverished nations.

As ai technology continues to advance, governments are under increasing pressure to strike the right balance between innovation and safeguarding against potential risks. The global summit in November will be a critical step in shaping the future of ai governance, ensuring that the world order remains stable in the face of unprecedented technological change.

By Kevin Don

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