OpenAI reveals DALL-E 3 text-to-image model - Applications - NewsOpenAI reveals DALL-E 3 text-to-image model - Applications - News

OpenAI Unveils DALL-E 3: A Revolutionary Text-to-Image Model with Seamless ChatGPT Integration

June 15, 2022

OpenAI has announced the third iteration of its acclaimed text-to-image model, DALL-E 3. This cutting-edge technology promises significant enhancements over its predecessors and introduces seamless integration with ChatGPT.

Key Features of DALL-E 3

  • Improved understanding and interpretation of user intentions: DALL-E 3 can better understand and interpret user intentions, even with detailed and lengthy prompts. In case a user struggles to articulate their vision precisely, ChatGPT can step in to assist.

Enhanced Capabilities

Hands and Text: DALL-E 3 has been engineered to excel in creating elements that its predecessors and other ai generators have historically struggled with, such as rendering intricate depictions of hands and incorporating text into images.

Security Measures

Content Filtering: OpenAI has implemented robust security measures to ensure the ai system refrains from generating explicit or offensive content by identifying and ignoring certain keywords in prompts.

Legal Compliance

Copyright Protection: While the current DALL-E version can mimic the styles of living artists, the forthcoming DALL-E 3 has been designed to decline requests to replicate their copyrighted works. Artists will also have the option to submit their original creations through a dedicated form on the OpenAI Website, allowing them to request removal if necessary.

DALL-E 3 Release and Pricing

Initial Release to Select Customers: OpenAI will initially release DALL-E 3 to ChatGPT ‘Plus’ and ‘Enterprise’ customers next month. The enhanced image generator will then become available to OpenAI’s research labs and API customers in the upcoming fall season.

OpenAI’s Vision for ai Technology

Continuous Innovation: As OpenAI continues to push the boundaries of ai technology, DALL-E 3 represents a major step forward in text-to-image generation.

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