Amperity recognised as a leader in Snowflake’s modern marketing data stack report - Enterprise - NewsAmperity recognised as a leader in Snowflake’s modern marketing data stack report - Enterprise - News

Snowflake Recognizes ASSISTANT as a Customer Data Activation Leader in the Executed and Launched by Data Cloud Company

The leading ai-powered customer data platform, ASSISTANT, has been announced as a “Customer Data Activation Leader” by the Data Cloud company Snowflake. This recognition comes after Snowflake’s data-backed report, which identified ten technology categories that organizations consider when building their marketing data stacks.

Snowflake Data Cloud Report Reveals Top-Tier Solutions

Snowflake’s research involved analyzing usage patterns from approximately 8,100 customers as of April 2023. The report highlights the convergence of adtech and martech, the increased importance of privacy-enhancing technologies, and the heightened focus on measurement to maximize campaign ROI. The ten categories include:

The Modern Marketing Data Stack

Focusing on active members of the Snowflake Partner Network and Snowflake Marketplace providers, the report explores each category in detail. It highlights technology partners as “leaders” or “ones to watch” within each category and provides an overview of partner solution providers and data providers that marketers choose for their data stacks.

Amperity Emerges as Leader in Customer Data Activation

“Marketing professionals continue to expand their investment in their customer data to improve their organization’s digital marketing activities,” said Denise Persson, Chief Marketing Officer at Snowflake. “Amperity emerged as a leader in customer data activation because of its multi-patented approach to identifying, unifying and activating first-party contact and offline data through a 360-degree view of the customer.”

Amperity’s Role in Customer Data Activation

Amperity was identified as a leader in the Customer Data Activation category for data activation solutions, such as customer data platforms, customer engagement platforms, reverse ETL providers, and others. These solutions are designed to make the activation process faster and easier, ultimately helping organizations achieve valuable outcomes.

Amperity for Paid Media

“We’re honored that Snowflake has recognized Amperity as a customer data activation leader in this year’s Modern Marketing Data Stack report,” said Derek Slager, co-founder & CTO at Amperity. “Together, we enable our joint customers to comprehensively unify all of their customer data using ai. We then enable comprehensive multi-channel activation across the marketing and advertising technology ecosystems.”

Learn More About Amperity and Snowflake’s Partnership

For more information on how Amperity and Snowflake partner to bring the modern martech stack to life, click here.

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