Dave Barnett, Cloudflare: Delivering speed and security in the AI era - Artificial Intelligence - NewsDave Barnett, Cloudflare: Delivering speed and security in the AI era - Artificial Intelligence - News

Cloudflare: Pioneering Speed and Security in the ai Era

ai News sat down with Dave Barnett, Head of SASE at Cloudflare, to discuss how the company leverages its cloud-native architecture for speed and security in the era of ai. Barnett shared that Cloudflare’s approach allows them to continually innovate in the digital space, as a significant portion of their services are offered to consumers for free.

Three Ways Cloudflare Enables Secure ai

  1. Operating ai inference engines close to consumers: By operating these engines within Cloudflare’s network, they enable low keyboards and optimal performance for users.
  2. Securing the use of ai in the workplace: Cloudflare ensures compliance with data protection requirements while promoting positive impacts on employees through ai.
  3. Exploring use of ai by malicious actors: Barnett highlights Cloudflare’s focus on researching potential threats from ai misuse.

Barnett also touched upon Cloudflare’s innovative journey with zero-trust, the evolution of security models, and their collaboration with NVIDIA to accelerate machine learning ai tasks on edge networks. For developers interested in ai, Barnett emphasized Cloudflare’s support for deploying machine learning models and their low-keyboards inference engines.

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