Google expands partnership with Anthropic to enhance AI safety - Artificial Intelligence - NewsGoogle expands partnership with Anthropic to enhance AI safety - Artificial Intelligence - News

Google Expands Partnership with Anthropic to Strive for ai Safety Standards

Alphabet’s Google has announced the expansion of its collaboration with Anthropic to work towards attaining the highest standards of ai safety. The partnership between Google and Anthropic began in 2021 when Anthropic was founded. Both companies have a shared commitment to develop ai responsibly and deploy it for the betterment of society.

Anthropic, which specializes in large language models like its powerful Claude model, will leverage Google’s latest Cloud TPU v5e chips for ai inference. This move is expected to help scale their large language models more efficiently.

Enhanced Collaboration and Security

Google Cloud is now being utilized by Anthropic to enhance security for organizations deploying their models on Google Cloud. This includes the use of Chronicle Security Operations, Secure Enterprise Browsing, and Security Command Center, providing visibility, threat detection, and access control.

The expanded partnership between Google and Anthropic demonstrates their shared dedication to advancing ai safety standards and fostering responsible development. Both companies are committed to working together in this mission, contributing to the development of robust measures for ai safety.

By Kevin Don

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