GitLab’s new AI capabilities empower DevSecOps - Applications - NewsGitLab’s new AI capabilities empower DevSecOps - Applications - News

GitLab Empowers DevSecOps with New AI-Powered Capabilities

DevSecOps teams are set to benefit from new AI capabilities in GitLab’s latest releases. The company has launched GitLab Duo Chat, a natural-language AI assistant, as part of its November release, with general availability of GitLab Duo Code Suggestions in December.

AI Suite Overview

GitLab Duo comprises a suite of 14 AI capabilities, designed to address the evolving needs of development, security, and operations teams. The additions include Code Suggestions, which assists in creating and updating code while reducing cognitive load, enhancing efficiency, and accelerating secure software development.

Privacy and Transparency

GitLab’s commitment to privacy and transparency stands out in the AI space. According to a GitLab report, 83% of DevSecOps professionals consider implementing AI in their processes essential, with 95% prioritizing privacy and intellectual property protection in AI tool selection.

Productivity Gains

GitLab Duo aims to address the issue of developers spending just 25% of their time writing code. By reducing toolchain sprawl, it enables 7x faster cycle times, heightened developer productivity, and reduced software spend.

Industry Impact

Kate Holterhoff, Industry Analyst at RedMonk, commented that developers are keenly interested in the productivity and efficiency gains that code assistants promise. GitLab’s Duo Code Suggestions is a welcome addition to the AI-enhanced software development lifecycle.

By Kevin Don

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