US Chief Justice: AI won’t replace judges but will ‘transform our work’ - Applications - NewsUS Chief Justice: AI won’t replace judges but will ‘transform our work’ - Applications - News

Addressing AI’s Impact on the Judicial System: Chief Justice John Roberts

In a recent year-end report, US Chief Justice John Roberts focused on the potential influence of artificial intelligence (AI) on the judicial system. He aimed to reassure concerns about the obsolescence of judges amidst technological advancements.

Roberts emphasized the intrinsic value of human judgment, stating that machines cannot fully replace the nuanced decisions made by individuals. The Chief Justice highlighted aspects like trembling hands, momentary hesitations, and fleeting breaks in eye contact that machines may struggle to accurately discern. He stressed the public’s trust in human judgement over AI when evaluating such nuances.

However, Roberts expressed legitimate concerns about the potential drawbacks of AI in the legal domain. He warned against AI-generated fabricated answers or “hallucinations,” drawing attention to instances where lawyers used AI-powered applications to submit briefs referencing imaginary cases. Additionally, he highlighted the risks associated with AI influencing privacy and potential bias in decisions on discretionary matters like flight risk and recidivism.

Despite these apprehensions, Roberts acknowledged the positive aspects of incorporating AI into the legal system. He recognized its potential to democratize access to legal advice and tools, particularly benefiting those who cannot afford legal representation.

As the legal world adapts to AI, Roberts’ reflections underline the importance of striking a balance between harnessing its substantial benefits while managing potentially devastating risks.

By Kevin Don

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