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AI Trends and Their Impact on Diverse Sectors

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has moved beyond being a trend and no longer operates in a specialist space. This year, the topic was embedded across various tech conferences in London, with attendees eager to learn and share their experiences.

Accessibility of AI Topics

As the CEO of an infrastructure charity, I found it interesting to see how AI and big data impact various sectors that may not necessarily work with data or consider it essential. The talks focused on ethics and governance resonated with our beneficiaries and the challenges they face.

Ensuring Ethics in AI Strategies

There is a growing drive to incorporate ethics into AI strategies moving forward. This early consideration of ethics is heartening, as it differs from the past where technologies developed quickly without considering ethical implications.

Regulation and Governance in AI

While there is an overarching feeling that AI needs regulation, the possible regulation remains a question. The EU act and US legislation may not be effective or watered down, leaving regulators to decide how best to approach AI regulation.

Safeguarding and Risks in AI for Third Sector Organizations

Charities must safeguard sensitive data, particularly when using new technologies like AI. However, AI providers and tools have not done enough to highlight potential risks for third sector organizations.

The Importance of Third Sector Representation in AI Debates

As technology develops, spaces must be created for third sector organizations to participate in AI debates alongside private and statutory organizations.

DataKind UK’s Involvement in Cross-Sector Events

The opportunity to participate in a cross-sector event like this is thanks to the organizers. DataKind UK looks forward to future events.

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By Kevin Don

Hi, I'm Kevin and I'm passionate about AI technology. I'm amazed by what AI can accomplish and excited about the future with all the new ideas emerging. I'll keep you updated daily on all the latest news about AI technology.