OpenAI launches GPT Store for custom AI assistants - Applications - NewsOpenAI launches GPT Store for custom AI assistants - Applications - News

OpenAI Introduces Custom AI Assistant Store for Users and Enterprises

OpenAI, the language model development company, has launched a new platform that enables users to access custom AI assistants. This move comes after the announcement of custom ‘GPTs’ two months ago, during which time OpenAI states that over three million custom assistants have been created.

Custom AI Assistant Store

The new store allows builders to share their creations and is focused on a diverse range of topics, such as art, research, programming, education, and lifestyle. OpenAI has highlighted several assistants that it deems most useful.

Creating Custom AI Assistants

OpenAI has made creating an assistant simple and does not require coding knowledge. Currently, builders must make their assistants accessible to “Anyone with the link” and verify their profile before sharing.

New Usage Policies and Brand Guidelines

To ensure compliance, OpenAI introduced new usage policies and brand guidelines. A review system combines human and automated checking before assistants are listed, allowing users to flag concerning content.

Revenue Opportunities for Qualifying US-based Developers

From Q1 2024, OpenAI will pay qualifying US-based developers based on user engagement with their assistants. Exact payment criteria will be shared closer to the launch date.

ChatGPT Team Plans for Enterprise Users

OpenAI also announced ChatGPT Team plans for enterprise users, which provide access to a private store section containing company-specific assistants published securely to their workspace.

Admin Controls and Internal Sharing

ChatGPT Enterprise customers will soon receive admin controls for internal sharing and selecting which external assistants can be used by employees. OpenAI ensures conversations are not used to improve its models.

Building Momentum and Incentivizing Value Creation

OpenAI hopes that the new custom AI assistant store and revenue opportunities will continue to build upon the adoption rate of ChatGPT by incentivizing builders to create assistants that provide value to both consumers and enterprises.

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