OpenAI: Copyrighted data ‘impossible’ to avoid for AI training - Artificial Intelligence - NewsOpenAI: Copyrighted data ‘impossible’ to avoid for AI training - Artificial Intelligence - News

OpenAI Asserts That Developing AI Requires Massive Copyright Data Usage

This week, OpenAI made waves when it claimed that developing modern AI systems is “impossible” without utilizing vast amounts of copyrighted data. The company argued that advanced AI tools, like ChatGPT, require such broad training that adhering to copyright law would be unworkable.

Copyright Limits Self-Imposed by OpenAI

In written testimony, OpenAI stated that between expansive copyright laws and the ubiquity of protected online content, “virtually every sort of human expression” would be off-limits for training data. Examples include news articles, forum comments, and digital images.

OpenAI’s Concession and Future Partnerships

While defending its practices as compliant, OpenAI admitted that partnerships and compensation schemes with publishers may be necessary to “support and empower creators.” However, there was no indication of the company planning to restrict its data harvesting significantly.

Legal Challenges Ahead

OpenAI’s stance has made it susceptible to multiple lawsuits, including copyright breaches from media outlets like The New York Times. Legal experts anticipate intense courtroom battles as advanced AI systems continue to demonstrate uncanny abilities emulating human expression.

OpenAI’s Data Collection and Training Processes

Despite potential lawsuits, OpenAI seems unwilling to alter its data collection and training processes significantly. Instead, the company intends to rely on broad interpretations of fair use allowances to legally access vast amounts of copyrighted data.

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