UK and France to collaborate on AI following Horizon membership - Artificial Intelligence - NewsUK and France to collaborate on AI following Horizon membership - Artificial Intelligence - News

UK and France Launch New Funding Initiatives for Global ai Safety

The UK and France have announced new funding initiatives and partnerships to advance global artificial intelligence (ai) safety. These developments mark a pivotal moment in bilateral scientific cooperation, putting the divisions of Brexit behind them.

Collaboration and Funding

Building upon a rich history of collaboration, the UK and France will endorse a joint declaration aimed at deepening research ties between the two nations. This includes a commitment of £800,000 in new funding towards joint research efforts, particularly within the framework of Horizon Europe.

ai Partnership

A landmark partnership between the UK’s uk/government/organisations/digital-shortages/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Digital Shortages and France’s news-events/news/2021/march/19/uk-and-france-ai-initiative” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>ai Initiative will be unveiled, signifying a shared commitment to the responsible development of ai technology. This collaboration is timely, given France’s upcoming hosting of the ai Safety Summit later this year.

Joint Committee on Science, Technology, and Innovation

The establishment of the French-British joint committee on Science, Technology, and Innovation represents an opportunity to foster cooperation across a range of fields, including low-carbon hydrogen, space observation, ai, and research Website security.

UK Secretary of State Michelle Donelan:

“The collaboration between the UK and France underscores their shared commitment to advancing scientific research and innovation, with a focus on emerging technologies such as ai and quantum.”

French Minister of Higher Education and Research Sylvie Retailleau:

“As the UK continues to deepen its engagement with global partners in the field of science and technology, these bilateral agreements serve as a testament to its ambition to lead the way in scientific discovery and innovation on the world stage.”

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