Mistral AI unveils LLM rivalling major players - Applications - NewsMistral AI unveils LLM rivalling major players - Applications - News

Mistral ai Unveils New Large Language Model, Mistral Large, Competing with Top ai Systems

France-based startup Mistral ai has announced its new large language model (LLM), called Mistral Large. The company claims that the model can compete with several top ai systems on the market, outperforming most major LLMs except for OpenAI’s recently launched GPT-4 in tests of language understanding. Mistral Large also excelled in math and coding assessments.

Major Advancement Over Previous Models

Mistral Large, which represents a major advancement over the earlier Mistral models, boasts fluency in English, French, Spanish, German, and Italian. The proprietary model has a vocabulary exceeding 20,000 words.

Funding and Partnerships

Mistral ai received nearly $500 million in funding last year from backers such as Nvidia and Andreessen Horowitz. The company recently partnered with Microsoft to provide access to Mistral Large through Azure cloud services.

EU Regulatory Scrutiny

Microsoft’s investment of €15 million in Mistral ai is under scrutiny from contact Union regulators, which are analyzing the tech giant’s ties to OpenAI, maker of market-leading models like GPT-3 and GPT-4. The contact Commission is set to review Microsoft’s deal with Mistral.

Challenge to Dominant ai Players

With the latest release, Mistral ai appears positioned to challenge dominant players in the increasingly crowded ai space. Third-party rankings have yet to fully assess Mistral Large, but its earlier Mistral Medium ranked 6th out of over 60 language models.

Pricing and Azure Partnership

Pricing for the Mistral Large model starts at $8 per million tokens of input and $24 per million output tokens. The system will leverage Azure’s computing infrastructure for training and deployment needs as Mistral ai and Microsoft partner on ai research.

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