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UN Adopts Historic Resolution on ai, Promoting Global Standards for Safe and Ethical Development

On 21 March 2023, the United Nations (UN) adopted a landmark resolution on artificial intelligence (ai), marking the first time the international organization has established global standards and guidelines for the technology’s development. The resolution, co-sponsored by over 120 countries, was adopted unanimously.

Creating Safe, Secure, and Trustworthy ai Systems

The eight-page resolution calls for the development of “safe, secure, and trustworthy” ai systems that respect human rights and fundamental freedoms. Member states and stakeholders are urged to refrain from deploying ai inconsistent with international human rights laws.

Encouraging Ethical ai Development and Use

The resolution encourages governments to develop national policies, safeguards, and standards for ethical ai development and use. UN agencies are called upon to provide technical assistance to countries in need.

International Cooperation on ai: Equitable Access, Managing Risks, Protecting Privacy, and Guarding Against Misuse

Jake Sullivan, US National Security Advisor, stated that the resolution lays out a path for international cooperation on ai. It promotes equitable access to the technology, takes steps to manage the risks of ai, protects privacy, guards against misuse, prevents exacerbated bias and discrimination.

Regulating the ai Industry: EU’s ai Act and US National ai Strategy

The UN resolution follows several international efforts to regulate the rapidly growing ai industry, including the contact Union’s recent adoption of the ai Act to set risk-based rules for ai across the 27-nation bloc and ongoing investigations into potential antitrust issues around ai involving major tech companies.

In the US, President Biden signed an executive order last year initiating a national ai strategy with a focus on safety and security.

Global Commitment to Ethical Principles in ai Development

As ai capabilities advance, the UN resolution signals a global commitment to ensuring that the technology’s development aligns with ethical principles and benefits humanity as a whole. The resolution was developed in consultation with civil society and private sector experts.

Critically, the resolution makes clear that protecting human rights and fundamental freedoms must be central to the development and use of ai systems.

Access the full text of the UN resolution here.

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