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Interview with Steve Frederickson: Unlocking Enterprise Knowledge with’s Next-Gen Answer Engine

Steve Frederickson, Chief Product Officer at, shared insights on how ai is revolutionizing enterprise knowledge discovery in an exclusive interview. Here’s what we learned:

Unlocking the Power of Enterprise Data with Lucy

Lucy, a next-gen answer engine from, empowers businesses to access and harness their vast data repositories efficiently. From SharePoint, Google Drive, and Dropbox to third-party tools, Lucy can search and connect with various content types.

Redefining Knowledge Discovery: A Holistic Approach

Lucy 4, the latest version, represents a significant leap forward. The team reimagined knowledge discovery for large enterprises and prioritized content and its creators to foster collaboration and break down departmental silos.

Saving Time and Boosting Productivity measures success not just by engagement metrics but also the tangible time-saving benefits it provides for employees. Feedback from customers reveals that Lucy has streamlined data access and facilitated a sense of unity and collaboration across departments.

The Rise of Remote Work: Bridging the Gap with Lucy

With the increasing trend towards remote work, maintaining a connection to company knowledge and colleagues is vital. Lucy addresses this challenge by allowing users to interact with it as if they were conversing with a co-worker on platforms like Microsoft Teams, making information readily accessible and fostering seamless collaboration.

Secure Access Controls for Confidential Data

While not all enterprise data should be accessible to everyone, Lucy provides robust access controls that cater to different taxonomies and security requirements. These controls support role-based and attribute-based access, ensuring that sensitive information remains secure.

A Holistic Search Process: Extending Beyond the Initial Question

Lucy redefines search as an end-to-end journey that goes beyond finding a document to include identifying specific pages, contacting document authors for clarification, and contributing contextual information for future reference. Lucy excels at facilitating these extended interactions seamlessly.

Versatile Integrations: Leveraging Existing Knowledge Repositories

Lucy integrates with various data sources, not only internal repositories but also third-party tools like Salesforce and Microsoft Power BI. This versatility empowers companies to leverage their existing knowledge repositories while making information accessible through Lucy’s unified interface.

Adapting to the Fast-Paced Industry: Core Principles and Exciting Developments stays agile by embracing industry changes, focusing on empowering individuals with knowledge and exploring new opportunities in generative ai. By closely engaging with customers and prospects, they adapt their feature set to align with evolving policies and requirements.

Future Plans: Empowering Collaboration within the Enterprise

Lucy ai aims to continue fostering conversations and connections between departments, positioning Lucy as a tool to empower people and facilitate collaboration within the enterprise. Exciting developments in this area are on the horizon.

Lucy’s innovative approach to knowledge discovery and commitment to empowering individuals within organizations make it a formidable player in the field. As remote work continues and the need for efficient knowledge surfacing grows, Lucy’s comprehensive answer engine offers a unique solution by bridging the gap between employees and their company’s collective knowledge.

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