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SAP and Microsoft Partner to Leverage Generative ai Technology for Business Challenges

SAP and Microsoft have recently announced a collaboration aimed at utilizing generative ai technology to tackle fundamental business challenges. This partnership will integrate SAP SuccessFactors solutions with Microsoft 365 Copilot and Copilot in Viva Learning, as well as Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Service.

Addressing the Skills Gap with ai Technology

The skills gap is a major concern for organizations worldwide. Companies face the challenge of bridging the divide between the current and future required skills. To optimize recruitment strategies and develop effective employee growth programs, organizations must streamline these processes, which often involve manual and repetitive tasks resulting in inefficiencies.

Streamlining Recruitment and Employee Learning with Generative ai

Through their collaboration, SAP and Microsoft aim to streamline recruitment and employee learning processes using generative ai technology. By leveraging the Azure OpenAI Service API and SAP SuccessFactors data, SAP will generate compelling, highly targeted job descriptions that optimize recruitment strategies and minimize bias.

Enhancing Recruitment Strategies

The partnership will enable people leaders to fine-tune job descriptions using Copilot in Microsoft Word within the SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting solution, ensuring market competitiveness and reducing bias. The final job descriptions will seamlessly flow into SAP SuccessFactors solutions, eliminating disruptions to workflow.

Personalizing Employee Learning

The collaboration will also facilitate integration between SAP SuccessFactors solutions and Microsoft Viva Learning. Employees can use Copilot in Viva Learning to conduct natural language queries, receive personalized learning recommendations aligned with their career goals, and track progress. As learning activities are completed, SAP SuccessFactors solutions will update automatically, providing organizations with an up-to-date view of the skills landscape within their workforce.

Revolutionizing HR with Ethical ai

This partnership not only aims to revolutionize recruitment and employee development but also sets a standard for amplifying the capabilities of large-language models across various industries. SAP emphasizes industry standards, transparency, privacy, and unbiased decision-making. The company collaborates with ethics experts to ensure ethical ai deployment.

Empowering Workforces and Driving Productivity

By combining their respective strengths, SAP and Microsoft are paving the way for ai-powered innovations that drive productivity and transform human resources. Integrating generative ai technology into SAP SuccessFactors solutions and Microsoft’s productivity tools enables organizations to effectively bridge the skills gap and empower their workforce to thrive in a rapidly-changing business landscape.


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