Jay Migliaccio, IBM Watson: On leveraging AI to improve productivity - Applications - NewsJay Migliaccio, IBM Watson: On leveraging AI to improve productivity - Applications - News

IBM’s ai Solutions: From Beating Chess Champions to Enhancing Business Productivity

IBM, a pioneer in artificial intelligence (ai) technology, has come a long way since its supercomputer defeated World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov in 1997. Although the headlines then suggested computers would replace humans, IBM’s ai has proven to be an assistive tool that benefits us every day.

From Chess Games to Cancer Treatment: IBM Watson’s Evolution

IBM Watson marked its first commercial application in 2013, providing utilization management decisions for lung cancer treatment. Since then, the technology has revolutionized industries such as healthcare, weather forecasting, education, and science through game-changing advancements.

A Conversation with Jay Migliaccio: IBM’s Approach to Enhancing Business Productivity

ai News (AN): So, Jay, can you tell me how IBM is helping businesses to improve the productivity of their workforces?

Jay Migliaccio (JM):

IBM is expanding its digital labour offerings, which utilize ai and automation to enhance worker productivity. Similar to human labour, digital labour interacts with business systems through “skills.”

Meeting the Needs of Today’s Workplace: Digital Labour and Natural Language

AN: Generative ai is a hot topic in the market these days. Do you see it being used practically in the workplace, and what risks should businesses be aware of?


Yes, generative ai can be useful in the workplace for creating content and code. However, it’s essential to trust these systems as they are trained on internet data, which may produce varying results. Businesses must focus on creating trusted generative ai solutions.

Empowering Developers with Watson Orchestrate

AN: What is the value of Watson Orchestrate for developers?


Watson Orchestrate is particularly beneficial for automation developers, who integrate applications and systems to work together. With Watson Orchestrate, these developers can build and integrate human-centric workflow automations that interact with humans using spoken or written language.

Learning from Human Interactions

AN: How does Watson Orchestrate learn from user interactions?


Watson Orchestrate can interpret natural language, learn from user intent, extract entities, and take action based on those skills. It monitors human behaviour, understands the intent of their utterances, and takes appropriate actions accordingly.

Exploring New Ways of Working: The Impact of ai on Productivity

AN: What new ways of working are today’s advancements in ai enabling?


ai is enabling systems to understand human natural language in more complex ways. Digital labour can interpret the user’s intent, extract entities, and even take action based on multiple skills to achieve higher-level tasks.

Addressing the Dangers of Automation Tools

AN: On the flip side, what are some of the main dangers of automation tools and how do we overcome those?


One potential danger of automation tools is unintended consequences. It’s essential to start small, create guardrails, monitor behaviour, and integrate governance to prevent unexpected outcomes.

The Future of Work: Believing in the Metaverse

AN: Are you a believer in the metaverse? How much work do you think we will be doing there?


The metaverse is a loose term for us being digitally connected. It will initially be used in entertainment, education, and deep meditative experiences but isn’t expected to replace traditional work environments in the near term.

Join Jay Migliaccio at Digital Transformation Week

AN: I’ll likely see you at Digital Transformation Week next week. What will you be sharing with the audience there?


I’ll discuss IBM’s view on the digital labour market and some early adopter success stories with our solutions.

Revamping Intelligent Automation Strategies

Join us at the Digital Transformation Week, where you can discover the latest insights surrounding unbiased algorithms, future trends, RPA, cognitive automation and more!

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