Gcore partners with UbiOps and Graphcore to empower AI teams - Artificial Intelligence - NewsGcore partners with UbiOps and Graphcore to empower AI teams - Artificial Intelligence - News

Gcore Cloud, Graphcore, and UbiOps Team Up to Revolutionize ai Tasks

In an effort to address the ever-growing demands of modern artificial intelligence (ai) tasks, Gcore Cloud, Graphcore, and UbiOps have joined forces.

Empowering ai Teams with On-Demand Computing Resources

This strategic partnership aims to provide ai teams with access to powerful computing resources on-demand, enhancing their capabilities and streamlining their operations.

Combining Industry Leaders’ Strengths

The collaboration brings together the expertise of three industry leaders: Graphcore, renowned for its Intelligence Processing Units (IPUs) hardware; UbiOps, a powerful machine learning operations (MLOps) platform; and Gcore Cloud, known for its robust cloud infrastructure.

Seamless IPUs Utilization and MLOps Benefits

By integrating these cutting-edge technologies, ai teams can effortlessly use IPUs for specific ai tasks while enjoying the benefits of UbiOps’ MLOps features, including model versioning, governance, and monitoring.

IPUs vs. CPUs and GPUs: Benchmarking Results

Andre Reitenbach, CEO at Gcore, shares:

“To demonstrate IPUs’ advantages over other devices, we conducted benchmarking tests on CPUs, GPUs, and IPUs using a Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) model designed for image analysis and the CIFAR-10 dataset.”

Striking Results: IPUs Outperforming CPUs and GPUs

“The results were noteworthy, with IPUs and GPUs significantly outperforming CPUs in training speed. Even with minimal optimization, IPUs showed a clear edge over GPUs, enabling even quicker training times:”

Unprecedented Access to Powerful ai Hardware

This collaboration offers ai teams unmatched access to powerful hardware ideally suited for demanding ai and ML workloads.

Efficient, Cost-Effective, Scalable Solutions

By integrating Gcore Cloud, Graphcore’s IPUs, and UbiOps’ MLOps platform, teams can work more efficiently, cost-effectively, and scale their hardware as needed.

Realizing ai Projects’ Full Potential

The combined offering enables ai projects to reach their full potential, driving innovation and progress in the ai industry.

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