AI Task Force adviser: AI will threaten humans in two years - Applications - NewsAI Task Force adviser: AI will threaten humans in two years - Applications - News

ai Expert Warns: Humans Must Control and Regulate ai Within Two Years

An advisor to the UK prime minister’s artificial intelligence (ai) task force has issued a stark warning: humans have only two years to control and regulate ai before it becomes too powerful. Matt Clifford, the adviser and chairman of the UK’s Advanced Research and Invention Agency (ARIA), made this statement in an interview with TalkTV.

Near-Term Risks: ai’s Potential Threats to Humanity

According to Clifford, the near-term risks of ai are alarming. He explained that ai systems could be used today to create new recipes for bioweapons or launch large-scale cyber attacks. In the next two years, these threats could become highly dangerous, potentially endangering many human lives.

The Urgent Need for Safety and Regulation Frameworks

Clifford emphasized the importance of implementing safety and regulation frameworks to address the risks associated with ai systems. He believes that without proper oversight, these powerful models could pose significant short-term and long-term risks.

An Existential Threat: Understanding ai Behavior

Clifford also highlighted the need to understand and control the behavior of ai models. He explained that, at present, we lack a comprehensive understanding of their actions, which is a significant concern. To mitigate this risk, he advocates for an audit and evaluation process before deploying powerful models.

Regulating ai: A Global Effort

Across the world, regulators are grappling with ai’s rapid advancements and complexities. In Europe, there’s a proposal for mandatory labeling of all ai-generated content to combat disinformation. UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is expected to advocate for a London-based global ai watchdog during his US visit.

Collaboration for Responsible Development and Deployment

With a limited timeframe to act, policymakers, researchers, and developers must collaborate to ensure the responsible development and deployment of ai systems. This involves taking into account potential risks and implications associated with their rapid advancement.


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