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Meta Unveils Human-Like ai Chatbots to Boost User Retention

Meta is set to debut human-like ai chatbots, a strategic move aimed at enhancing user engagement and retention. Insider sources reveal that these advanced chatbots have been in development, with the finished versions capable of conversing with users on a human level.

Personalized Chatbot Personas

Referred to as “personas” within Meta, these chatbots assume different characters, each embodying unique personalities. For example, prototypes include a chatbot that mimics former US President Abraham Lincoln’s speaking style and another offering travel advice with the laid-back language of a surfer.

Improved Functionality, Entertainment and Engagement

The primary objective for these chatbots is to provide personalized recommendations and enhanced search functionality. However, they also serve as a source of entertainment, engaging users in playful and interactive conversations that could potentially increase user engagement and retention.

Potential Concerns and Precautions

Despite their sophisticated ai capabilities, concerns arise regarding rule-breaking speech and potential inaccuracies. Meta plans to implement automated checks on the chatbots’ outputs for accuracy and compliance with platform rules.

Focus on User Retention

This development comes during Meta’s renewed emphasis on user retention, as shown in the successful response to their latest product, Threads, which aims to compete with X (formerly Twitter). During Meta’s 2023 second-quarter earnings call on July 26, CEO Mark Zuckerberg highlighted the increasing number of daily returning users to Threads and emphasized the company’s primary focus on user retention.

Data Privacy Concerns

Meta’s chatbot venture raises concerns about data privacy and security as the company gains access to a vast amount of user data. Previous ai companies, such as OpenAI, have faced legal challenges due to this issue.

The Future of Chatbots and Meta

Whether these chatbots will revolutionize user experiences, boost Meta’s ailing user retention, or present new challenges for data privacy remains to be seen. Users and experts alike will closely monitor Meta’s next moves in this arena.

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