Kneron’s auto-grade KL730 NPU chip revolutionises edge AI - Artificial Intelligence - NewsKneron’s auto-grade KL730 NPU chip revolutionises edge AI - Artificial Intelligence - News

Kneron Unveils Game-Changing NPU Chip, KL730, for Edge ai

Qualcomm-backed Kneron has announced its latest innovation in neural processing unit (NPU) chips: the KL730 auto-grade NPU chip. This groundbreaking technology is set to revolutionize edge ai, bringing secure and energy-efficient capabilities to a wide range of applications from enterprise-edge servers to smart home appliances and advanced driving assistance systems.

Setting New Standards in Energy Efficiency

The KL730 is designed specifically for ai applications, featuring Kneron’s renowned energy-efficient and secure technology. The chip boasts a cutting-edge peripheral interface that connects various digital signals, such as images, videos, audio, and millimetre waves, unlocking the potential for diverse ai applications across multiple industries.

Addressing the High Energy Consumption Barrier in ai

One of the most significant advantages of the KL730 is its impressive energy efficiency. It boasts a 3-4x leap in energy efficiency compared to previous versions and is up to 2x more energy efficient than major industry competitors. By addressing the high energy consumption barrier, Kneron aims to encourage the widespread adoption of ai technology.

Enabling GPT Models to Reside on Edge Devices

Kneron, a pioneer in edge ai without cloud connectivity, introduced the KL530 in 2021. The chip supports transformer neural networks and serves as the backbone of GPT models. With the addition of the KL730, companies can now explore the possibilities of running cutting-edge lightweight GPT large language models like nanoGPT partially or fully offline.

Empowering Users with Greater Data Privacy Control

The KL730 also stands out as a powerful catalyst for transforming security in the AIoT landscape. Leveraging Kneo, Kneron’s proprietary and secure edge ai network, allows users to run GPT models on their edge devices, providing greater control over data privacy. The implications span across industries, from enterprise server solutions to vehicles to ai-powered medical devices.

Bolstering Security and Collaboration in the ai Landscape

The enhanced security features of the KL730 foster increased collaboration between devices while preserving privacy. For instance, engineers can design new semiconductor chips without exposing confidential data to major cloud companies running data centers.

Recognized for Breakthrough Technologies

Since its inception in 2015, Kneron has consistently earned accolades for its reconfigurable NPU architecture and has garnered recognition, including the prestigious IEEE Cas Society’s Darlington Award.

A Diverse Clientele and Promising Future

With a diverse clientele spanning AIoT, security, automotive, and edge server applications, Kneron’s expertise is trusted by renowned companies like Toyota, Quanta, Hanwha, and Dessmann. Companies eager to explore the possibilities enabled by the KL730 won’t have to wait long, as samples are promised “soon.”

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