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OutSystems: The Future of Software Development with ai

OutSystems, a leader in low-code development platforms, is making strides in ai-assisted software development. In June, the company introduced “Project Morpheus,” which includes instant app generation using conversational prompts and an ai-powered app editor suggesting improvements across the development stack. The goal remains the same: “developer productivity without compromises,” as founder and CEO Paulo Rosado states.

The Next Generation of Software Development with ai

Nuno Carneiro, OutSystems ai product manager, describes Project Morpheus as “the next generation of software development.” It offers a What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get visual experience, allowing developers to change applications directly in their environment. ai suggests modifications based on user inputs, streamlining the development process.

ai: An Assistant, Not a Replacement

The artificial intelligence is designed to assist rather than replace human input. OutSystems’ primary offering in ai-assisted software development has been the “ai Mentor System,” which helps developers with code, architecture, and performance improvements while ensuring control remains in their hands.

Addressing Skepticism: Low-Code and ai

As with the rise of low-code platforms, skepticism about ai in software development is natural. However, Carneiro believes OutSystems is well-positioned to educate businesses on the benefits of ai due to past experiences with automation.

Avoiding Pitfalls: Security and Understanding

OutSystems addresses concerns about ai-generated code by allowing developers to visually understand their applications. This mitigates potential issues such as hallucination, where the ai confidently provides incorrect responses or generates insecure code.

Efficiency and Global Scale

Businesses can complete projects faster with ai-based development on a low-code platform. For instance, a company creating an HR software proof of concept could do it in a week using OutSystems. Larger firms can also build Centres of Excellence around low-code development and ai adoption, allowing for quick innovation across their organizations.

Empowering Businesses with ai

OutSystems goes beyond improving software development processes by enabling businesses to adopt ai themselves. Use cases include cognitive services, which users can add to their applications to solve business problems from unstructured data. The company’s partnership with Microsoft, announced at the Generative ai roadmap update, includes a new connector for Azure OpenAI to enable large language model usage in development.

OutSystems at TechForge Amsterdam

OutSystems will be showcasing ai and digital transformation journeys at the TechForge Amsterdam event on September 26-27. The company aims to help businesses connect different data sources, making it an ideal partner for digital transformation challenges.

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