Twilio Segment: Transforming customer experiences with AI - Artificial Intelligence - NewsTwilio Segment: Transforming customer experiences with AI - Artificial Intelligence - News

Title: Twilio Utilizes ai for Personalization and Engagement Transformation

In an interview with ai News, Hema Thanki, EMEA Senior Product Marketing Manager at Twilio, discussed how the company is leveraging ai to revolutionize customer engagement and personalization. By enabling businesses to provide tailored experiences based on individual customers’ preferences at scale, ai is reshaping customer interactions.

Twilio is at the forefront of this transformation, but there’s a stark contrast between companies’ claims of personalization and customers’ actual experiences. To address this issue, many businesses have become “system-centric,” leading to fragmented data, incomplete views of customers, and disjointed experiences.

To overcome these challenges, Hema Thanki explained that businesses must know their customers better by understanding their unique wants and needs. This knowledge is crucial for engaging customers effectively and adaptively at scale.

Twilio recently announced CustomerAI, an ai solution that allows brands to unlock the power of customer data, activate it more extensively, and gain a deeper understanding of their customers. Some examples of how businesses can use CustomerAI include targeting audiences based on predicted lifetime value or likelihood to purchase/churn, creating personalized multichannel experiences, and generating HTML content for emails using ai-powered tools.

Hema Thanki also highlighted the importance of trustworthy data infrastructure when working with ai models. By building trusted data infrastructures with unified, real-time, consistent, and consented data, businesses can ensure the reliability of their ai outputs.

Finally, Hema mentioned that they are expecting more customers to look for ai solutions to improve operational efficiencies amid global economic uncertainties. To address this demand, Twilio is planning the release of a customer data platform (CDP) and Segment in 2024 to boost productivity and optimize results for marketers.

Twilio will be sharing their expertise at this year’s ai & Big Data Expo Europe, where they’ll have a strong exhibiting presence at stand 242. The company will also feature talks by Folkert Mudde (Albert Heijn) and Arthur Viegers, SVP of Global Engineering at Twilio Segment.

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