UMG files landmark lawsuit against AI developer Anthropic - Artificial Intelligence - NewsUMG files landmark lawsuit against AI developer Anthropic - Artificial Intelligence - News

Universal Music Group Sues Developer for Unauthorized Use of Copyrighted Music in ai Training

Universal Music Group (UMG) has filed a lawsuit against Anthropic, the developer of an artificial intelligence (ai) system that allegedly used copyrighted music without permission. This case marks the first major legal confrontation between the music industry and an ai developer.

Lawsuit Details

UMG, along with Concord Music Group, ABKCO, Worship Together Music, and Plaintiff Capital CMG, is seeking $75 million in damages. The lawsuit centers on the claim that Anthropic incorporated songs from artists represented by the publishers into its ai dataset without obtaining necessary permissions.

Support for Innovation and Ethical Use of ai

Legal representatives for the publishers have stated that the lawsuit was taken to address “systematic and widespread infringement” of copyrighted song lyrics by Anthropic. Although UMG supports innovation and ethical ai use, it contends that Anthroscopic violates these principles.

Legal Actions in the ai Era

This lawsuit follows a series of legal battles between ai developers and creators. Each case is important to establish precedent for future cases.

– TechForge

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