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UK’s ai Potential in Healthcare, Food Safety, and Sustainability Threatened by Confidence Gap

The United Kingdom has the potential to reap significant benefits from artificial intelligence (ai) in crucial sectors such as healthcare, food safety, and sustainability. However, this potential is under threat due to a substantial “confidence gap” among the public.

A study conducted by a reputable research organization revealed that 54 percent of UK respondents expressed excitement about ai’s potential to revolutionize medical diagnoses, while 43 percent welcomed its role in reducing food waste. Yet, there is a prevailing lack of trust.

This skepticism could hinder the integration of ai technologies in the NHS, which is currently grappling with challenges such as the COVID-19 backlog and an ageing population. Almost half of Britons (49%) support the use of ai to alleviate pressure on the healthcare system and reduce waiting times. However, only 20 percent have more confidence in ai than humans in detecting food contamination issues.

The study also highlighted a pressing need for education. 65 percent of respondents felt that patients should be informed about the use of ai tools in diagnosis or treatment. 37 percent of respondents expect to use ai regularly in medical settings by 2030.

“Craig Civil, Director of Data Science and ai at BSI, said that 60 percent believed consumers needed protections regarding ai technologies. The study also revealed that 61 percent of Britons are calling for international guidelines to ensure the safe use of ai,” explains Harold Pradal, Chief Commercial Officer at BSI.

“The study’s findings are a call to action for the UK. They urge collaboration and the establishment of frameworks to govern ai’s use,” adds Pradal.

The UK Government, recognizing the importance of safe ai implementation, is set to host a global ai Safety Summit at the historic Bletchley Park on 1-2 November 2023. BSI is an official partner for this much-anticipated event.

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