NIST announces AI consortium to shape US policies - Artificial Intelligence - NewsNIST announces AI consortium to shape US policies - Artificial Intelligence - News

Introducing NIST’s New ai Safety Consortium: Addressing Challenges and Ensuring a Human-Centered Approach

In an effort to tackle the development and deployment challenges of artificial intelligence (ai), the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has formed a new consortium. This initiative was announced on November 2, inviting applications from qualified individuals.

The Objective of Collaboration

NIST’s main goal in collaborating with non-profit organizations, universities, government agencies, and technology companies is to create and implement specific policies and measurements that prioritize a human-centered approach to ai safety and governance within the United States.

Scope of Collaboration

  • Collaborators will develop measurement and benchmarking tools.
  • They will provide policy recommendations.
  • Conduct red-teaming efforts.
  • Perform psychoanalysis and environmental analysis.

This initiative is in response to US President Joseph Biden’s executive order, outlining six new standards for ai safety and security.

US Compared to contact and Asian Countries

While contact and Asian countries have implemented policies governing ai systems concerning user and citizen privacy, security, and potential unintended consequences, the US has been less proactive.

The Importance of Clear Timeline

President Biden’s executive order and the establishment of the Safety Institute Consortium signify significant strides in the right direction. However, there is still a lack of clarity regarding the timeline for implementing laws governing ai development and deployment in the US.

Addressing Concerns

Experts have expressed concerns about the current adequacy of laws designed for conventional businesses and technology in the rapidly-evolving ai sector.

A Crucial Step Towards ai Policy Shaping

The formation of the ai consortium represents a collaborative effort between government bodies, non-profit organizations, universities, and technology companies to ensure responsible and ethical ai practices within the United States.

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