Amdocs, NVIDIA and Microsoft Azure build custom LLMs for telcos - Artificial Intelligence - NewsAmdocs, NVIDIA and Microsoft Azure build custom LLMs for telcos - Artificial Intelligence - News

Title: Amdocs and NVIDIA Partner to Revolutionize Telecoms Industry with Large Language Models

Amdocs Collaborates with NVIDIA to Develop Custom Generative AI Models for the Telecoms Sector

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Amdocs, a leading global provider of software solutions for the telecoms and media industries, has partnered with NVIDIA to build custom Large Language Models (LLMs) for the $1.7 trillion global telecoms industry.

By leveraging NVIDIA’s AI foundry service on Microsoft Azure, Amdocs aims to address the escalating demand for data processing and analysis in the telecoms sector. As the industry processes hundreds of petabytes of data daily, Amdocs anticipates a need for generative AI to enhance efficiency and productivity.

NVIDIA’s AI foundry service provides an end-to-end solution for creating and optimizing custom generative AI models, such as the NVIDIA AI Foundation Models, NeMo framework, and DGX Cloud AI supercomputing.

Amdocs plans to develop enterprise-grade LLMs tailored for the telco and media industries, allowing the deployment of generative AI use cases across various business domains.

This collaboration aligns with Amdocs’ existing partnership with Microsoft, ensuring secure and trusted environments for applications both on-premises and in the cloud.

Amdocs serves over 350 of the world’s leading telecom and media companies across 90 countries. The partnership with NVIDIA will enable the exploration of generative AI use cases, initially focusing on customer care and network operations.

In customer care, the collaboration aims to accelerate inquiry resolution by leveraging information from across company data. In network operations, the companies are exploring real-time solutions for configuration, coverage, or performance issues.

Amdocs’ move positions the company as a pioneer in the telecoms industry by harnessing the capabilities of custom generative AI models.

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