AWS and NVIDIA expand partnership to advance generative AI - Amazon - NewsAWS and NVIDIA expand partnership to advance generative AI - Amazon - News

AWS and NVIDIA Expand Strategic Collaboration to Boost Generative AI Innovation


Amazon Web Services (AWS) and NVIDIA have announced a major expansion of their strategic collaboration at AWS re:Invent. The collaboration intends to provide customers with state-of-the-art infrastructure, software, and services to fuel generative AI innovations.

Strengthening Partnership through Multi-Node Systems Integration

The collaboration brings together the strengths of both companies, integrating NVIDIA’s latest multi-node systems with next-generation GPUs, CPUs, and AI software, along with AWS technologies such as Nitro System advanced virtualization, Elastic Fabric Adapter (EFA) interconnect, and UltraCluster scalability.

Expanded Collaboration Highlights:

  • This collaboration signifies a joint commitment to advancing the field of generative AI, offering customers access to cutting-edge technologies and resources.
  • Internally, Amazon robotics and fulfillment teams already employ NVIDIA’s Omniverse platform to optimize warehouses in virtual environments before real-world deployment.
  • The integration of NVIDIA and AWS technologies will accelerate the development, training, and inference of large language models and generative AI applications across various industries.

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