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Mastering AI: A Pragmatic Approach by Adam Craven

In a recent presentation, Adam Craven, Director at McKinsey & Company, shed light on the practical applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the pitfalls often overlooked in the hype surrounding it. Craven, with an extensive background in engineering and leadership roles at companies like HSBC and Nokia, shared his experiences as a consultant helping C-level executives navigate the complex landscape of AI adoption.

Demystifying AI: A Systematic Approach

Craven introduced a systematic approach to demystifying AI, emphasizing the need to break down the overarching concept into smaller, manageable components. He outlined key attributes of neural networks, embeddings, and transformers, focusing on large language models as a shared foundation.

The Role of Large Language Models

Craven assesses if large language models (LLMs) alone make good search engines. While LLMs understand search intent exceptionally well and don’t have access to vast data, accurate results or reference sources—all of which are key search requirements—they also serve as powerful summarizing engines for research.

Craven highlighted that LLMs can be used for complex tasks, such as documentation tools and high-level decision-making. However, he warned against relying solely on LLMs for nuanced analysis, showcasing a study where consultants using language models underperformed in this area.

Practical Use Cases for Organizations

The presentation concluded with practical use cases for organizations, such as code review tools and multimodal decision-makers. Craven advised a thoughtful evaluation of when LLMs are useful, ensuring they align with organizational values and principles.

Avoiding Inflated Claims about AI

Craven warned against inflated claims about AI’s performance, citing examples where language models enhanced certain tasks but fell short in others. He urged the audience to consider the context and nuances when evaluating AI’s impact.

Actionable Insights for Implementation

Craven offered actionable insights for implementation, urging organizations to capture data for future use, create test cases for specific use cases, and apply a systematic framework to develop a strategy. The emphasis remained on seeing through the hype and saving millions by strategically incorporating AI into existing workflows.

The Importance of a Pragmatic Approach

In a world inundated with AI promises, Adam Craven’s pragmatic approach provides a roadmap for organizations to leverage the power of AI while avoiding common pitfalls.

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