Google Cloud announces Imagen 2 text-to-image generator - Applications - NewsGoogle Cloud announces Imagen 2 text-to-image generator - Applications - News

Introducing Imagen 2: Google Cloud’s Latest Text-to-Image Upgrade

Google Cloud has recently launched the latest upgrade to its text-to-image capabilities, Imagen 2. This powerful tool is designed for customers on the allowlist and enables users to create and deploy photorealistic images using intuitive tools and fully-managed infrastructure.

Key Features

  • Improved image quality through Google DeepMind technology
  • A range of functionalities tailored for specific use cases
  • Reliability and governance akin to its predecessor, Imagen on Vertex AI
  • High-quality image rendering, improved text rendering, logo generation, and safety measures
  • Designed for enterprise standards to provide a comprehensive tool for creative image generation

Imagen 2 has already been embraced by leading companies in the creative industry, such as Snap, Shutterstock, and Canva. These organizations recognize the potential of Imagen 2 to revolutionize their image generation processes.


  • “We exist to empower the world to tell their stories by bridging the gap between idea and execution.” – Chris Loy, Director of AI Services at Shutterstock
  • “We’re continuing to use generative AI to innovate the design process and augment imagination.” – Danny Wu, Head of AI at Canva

As Imagen 2 gains traction in the creative industry, organizations are encouraged to explore its potential to elevate their own creative endeavours and build on the success achieved with previous versions of Imagen.

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