OpenAI suspends developer of politician-impersonating chatbot - Applications - NewsOpenAI suspends developer of politician-impersonating chatbot - Applications - News

ChatGPT-Powered Dean.Bot Suspended by OpenAI for Contradicting Policies

OpenAI has suspended the developer responsible for Dean.Bot, a ChatGPT-powered chatbot designed to impersonate Democratic presidential candidate Dean Phillips.

The Bot’s Purpose

Created by cloning startup, the bot aimed to support Phillips in his political campaign. However, this move directly contradicts OpenAI’s policies.

OpenAI’s Response

The Washington Post reports that, despite displaying a disclaimer describing the nature of the chatbot to visitors, Dean.Bot’s purpose was clear: to engage with potential supporters and spread the candidate’s message.

Suspension and Policy Violation

OpenAI confirmed the suspension of the developer, emphasizing the violation of their policies. This action follows OpenAI’s recent blog post preventive measures against the misuse of its technology.

Policy Prohibitions

Notably, OpenAI’s policies extend beyond this particular case and explicitly state that applications for political campaigning and lobbying are not permitted.

Importance in Election Years

In a crucial election year – not just in the US, but also in other Western democracies like the UK – it’s unsurprising that OpenAI is taking a firm stance against bots that could be seen to interfere and/or spread misinformation.

Bot Operations

Initially, Delphi removed ChatGPT from the bot and continued its operation using alternative open-source tools. However, OpenAI’s intervention prompted the ultimate suspension of the chatbot on Friday night.

DeanBot Unavailable

Visitors to the website are now informed that the chatbot is inaccessible due to “technical difficulties,” alongside a message that reads, “Apologies, DeanBot is away campaigning right now!”

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