International Women’s Day: What it takes to innovate in the age of Gen AI  - Artificial Intelligence - NewsInternational Women’s Day: What it takes to innovate in the age of Gen AI  - Artificial Intelligence - News

Title: Empowering Women in ai and Marketing: A Look into Their Insights on Generative ai

The recent surge of generative ai in the marketing landscape has caught the attention of leading women in the industry. As we explore their insights and experiences, it’s clear that embracing Gen ai is essential for fostering growth and adaptability in the rapidly evolving marketing landscape.

1. Lisa Gately: B2B Technology Content, Communications, Events, and Services Marketing
Lisa highlights that Gen ai capabilities have appeared in the martech stack and how it can improve content creation, audience engagement, and personalization. Acting now is crucial because the pace of change for Gen ai will only accelerate.
2. Anjali Shainock: Microsoft’s Point of View and Future Strategy
Anjali emphasizes the transformative power of Gen ai in the travel, transport, and logistics industries. Establishing a clean data foundation and a clear strategic vision for desired outcomes is critical to unlocking its full potential effectively.
3. Aviram Gordon: Generative ai Product Development and Strategy
Aviram explains the importance of having a strong data foundation in Gen ai systems to ensure accurate, comprehensive profiles for better results. Customer data tools use ai to power critical processes behind the scenes.
4. Teresa Sperti: Digital and eCommerce Leader
Teresa predicts that the launch of ChatGPT will significantly accelerate Gen ai adoption in marketing, leading to a whirlwind of change in the coming 12-24 months.
The female leaders in marketing emphasize the importance of embracing Gen ai as not just an innovative tool but also a fundamental pillar for cultivating growth and establishing meaningful relationships within the evolving marketing landscape. By harnessing Gen ai to its fullest potential, we can unleash lasting, genuine change for the better.

By Kevin Don

Hi, I'm Kevin and I'm passionate about AI technology. I'm amazed by what AI can accomplish and excited about the future with all the new ideas emerging. I'll keep you updated daily on all the latest news about AI technology.