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Hugging Face Takes on Robotics with Open-Source Project

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The company behind the popular open-source machine learning codebase and ChatGPT rival, Hugging Face, has announced its expansion into robotics with the launch of an open robotics project. This initiative aligns with the company’s ethos of open source.

Remi Cadene: Leading the Robotics Initiative

Former Tesla staff scientist, Remi Cadene, revealed the ambitious expansion in a post on X:

Open-Source Robotics: Hugging Face’s New Frontier

“The robot project will be open-source, not as in Open ai,” Cadene stated in reference to the company’s former boss, Elon Musk.

Employment Opportunities in Robotics

Cadene also announced that Hugging Face is currently hiring robotics engineers in Paris, France. The job listing for an “Embodied Robotics Engineer” provides further insight into the project’s goals, which include designing, building, and maintaining open-source and low-cost robotic systems that integrate ai technologies, specifically in deep learning and embodied ai.

Robotics as a Bridge Between ai and Physical World

Up until now, Hugging Face has primarily focused on software offerings such as its machine learning codebase and open-source chatbot. The robotics project represents a significant departure into the hardware realm, with the company aiming to bring ai into the physical world through open and affordable robotic platforms.

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