UK announces over £100M to support ‘agile’ AI regulation - Artificial Intelligence - NewsUK announces over £100M to support ‘agile’ AI regulation - Artificial Intelligence - News

UK Government Invests Over £100 Million in ai Regulation Support

[rt_custom_text]The UK government has announced a significant investment of over £100 million to support an “agile” approach to ai regulation, addressing the risks and opportunities of ai across various sectors. This move comes at a crucial time when 91% of British people believe that government regulations must hold businesses accountable for their ai systems more effectively.Key Initiatives and Funding

[*] £10 million to prepare and upskill regulators addressing risks and opportunities of ai across sectors like telecoms, healthcare, and education.
[*] Nearly £90 million for the launch of nine new research hubs across the UK and a US partnership focused on responsible ai development.
[*] £2 million in funding to support projects defining responsible ai across sectors like policing, with 56% of the public wanting improved user education around ai.

Government’s Context-Based Approach to Regulation

[rt_custom_text]The UK government has outlined its context-based approach to regulation, empowering existing regulators to address ai risks in a targeted way while avoiding rushed legislation that could stifle innovation. This approach aims to strike a balance between safely harnessing ai’s potential economic and societal benefits with a focused regulatory strategy.Public Opinion on ai Regulation

[rt_custom_text]A recent government response revealed the public’s desire for more transparency in ai regulation, with 82% of consumers favoring businesses that proactively communicate their regulatory approach to general ai. However, 30% of the public still expresses skepticism about increased ai regulation.UK’s Position as a Leader in Safe ai Innovation

[rt_custom_text]The government aims to cement the UK’s position as a pioneer in safe ai innovation by providing large-scale funding and initiatives that support an agile, sector-specific approach to ai regulation. This move aims to address public concerns while paving the way for the country to reap the benefits of ai safely.Challenges and Roadblocks

[rt_custom_text]With the adoption of ai comes new challenges, such as roadblocks encountered by businesses in the UK that have adopted ai. In a recent survey, 43% of respondents admitted that ai governance is the main obstacle, followed closely by ai ethics (42%).Global Demand for ai Regulation Growing

[rt_custom_text]As demand for greater ai regulation increases globally, businesses in the UK are increasingly looking to address challenges and navigate new obstacles. Half (52%) of UK businesses are already working on generative ai, above the global average of 45%.

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