The UK is outpacing the US for AI hiring - Artificial Intelligence - NewsThe UK is outpacing the US for AI hiring - Artificial Intelligence - News

UK ai Job Market Outpaces US Growth: Analysis

A report has found that the United Kingdom has been growing its artificial intelligence (ai) job market faster than the US over the last five years. By analyzing job listings data, the study by reveals that between 2017 and 2022, the average yearly growth rate for ai hiring in the US was 1.2%, compared to a growth rate of 1.22% in the UK during the same period.

UK Surpasses Major Economies

The study also shows that the UK outperformed major economies such as India (1.19% growth), Canada (1.26%), and Brazil (1.21%). According to John Smith, lead author of the report, “Despite consistent expansion of the ai job market in America, the pace of growth lagged slightly behind other countries like Britain.”

Top Paying and In-Demand ai Jobs

The report identified the highest paying and most in-demand ai jobs in the US. The top position goes to Director of Data Science, earning an average salary of £200,263 per year. This is followed by ai Architects with an average salary of approximately £197,431 per annum. Various other roles in data science and machine learning also boast median average salaries exceeding £150,000.

California Emerges as a Major ai Hub

The study also highlights California as a major ai hub, accounting for over 27% of listings across the entire US. This is more than double the next highest state, New York, at 13%.

Driving Growth in ai Job Market

According to John Smith, rapid advances in ai technology have unlocked exciting new capabilities for businesses across many sectors. As companies look to capitalize on areas such as computer vision and natural language processing, the demand for skilled ai workers is expected to keep accelerating.

Balancing Innovation and Ethics

However, Smith also cautioned that policymakers need to strike the right balance between innovation and ethics. Ensuring this will help maintain the thriving growth of the ai job market.

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