Wipro and IBM collaborate to propel enterprise AI - Applications - NewsWipro and IBM collaborate to propel enterprise AI - Applications - News

Wipro and IBM Expand Partnership to Accelerate ai Adoption in Enterprise Sector

In an effort to speed up the implementation of enterprise-ready artificial intelligence (ai) solutions, Wipro and IBM have announced an extended partnership that combines the former’s industry expertise with IBM’s cutting-edge ai innovations. The collaboration aims to develop joint solutions that facilitate the adoption of robust, reliable, and enterprise-ready ai solutions.

Leveraging IBM’s Watsonx Suite

The new offering from Wipro harnesses various components of IBM’s Watsonx suite, including watsonx.ai for natural language processing and intelligence, watsonx.data for data management and insights, and watsonx.governance for governance and compliance. The suite also integrates ai assistants to provide clients with a comprehensive toolkit, large language models (LLMs), streamlined processes, and robust governance mechanisms.

Enhancing Enterprise Efficiency

“The Wipro Enterprise ai-Ready Platform offers infrastructure and core software for ai and generative ai workloads, enhancing automation, dynamic resource management, and operational efficiency in the enterprise,” said Nagendra Bandaru, Managing Partner and President of Wipro Enterprise Futuring.

“Additionally, it caters to specialized industry use cases such as banking, retail, health, energy, and manufacturing by offering tailored solutions for Website customer support, marketing, feedback analysis, and more.”

Prioritizing Responsible ai Practices

The platform also prioritizes responsible ai practices, ensuring transparency, data protection, and compliance with relevant laws and regulations. It facilitates ai governance through the entire ai lifecycle.

Training and Collaboration

As part of this collaboration, Wipro associates will undergo training in IBM hybrid cloud, ai, and data analytics technologies to further enhance their capabilities in developing joint solutions.

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