OpenAI rolls out ChatGPT memory to select users - Applications - NewsOpenAI rolls out ChatGPT memory to select users - Applications - News

ChatGPT Memory Update: Enhancing Personalization and Efficiency

MEMORY ROLLOUT IMPROVES CHATGPT EXPERIENCE: OpenAI has recently begun rolling out memory capabilities to a select number of users, enabling the conversational agent to recall details from previous chats. This feature enhances ChatGPT’s ability to provide more personalized and contextually relevant responses over time.

How Memory Works

  • ChatGPT’s memory improves over time as users interact more: As users engage with ChatGPT, the model learns and adapts to their preferences, meeting notes format, personal interests, and tone/voice. For example, it can remember a user’s preferred note format and suggest birthday card ideas based on their child’s interests.
  • Users maintain control over ChatGPT’s memory: Users can turn off, selectively delete, or clear all memories through the settings. OpenAI mentions that memories are not tied to specific conversations.
  • MEMORY FOR GPTs is also optional: Developers can choose whether or not to enable memory for their GPT bots.

Assessing Biases and Privacy Concerns

MEMORY BIASES: OpenAI is currently assessing potential biases associated with memory and aims to avoid ChatGPT proactively remembering sensitive user details without explicit permission. Privacy and safety considerations are under evaluation during the preview period.

ChatGPT’s Memory Rollout

BETA PERIOD: The small portion of free and paying ChatGPT users currently have access to this feature. OpenAI plans to share more details about the broader rollout in the near future.

Impacts on Enterprise and Teams

  • Efficient Workflows: Memory retention of preferences, styles, and past context could lead to more efficient workflows for enterprises and teams.
  • Disablement for Organizations: Account owners can disable memory for their entire organization, if needed.

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