AIs in India will need government permission before launching - Applications - NewsAIs in India will need government permission before launching - Applications - News

Title: Indian Government Sets Guidelines for ai Development and Release

Introduction: The Indian government, through a recently issued advisory, has outlined strict guidelines for the development and release of artificial intelligence (ai) technologies. These measures aim to ensure transparency, prevent misuse, and promote fair ai practices across the nation.

Main Points:

1. ai technology in development must obtain explicit government permission before being released to the public.
2. Developers are required to label the potential fallibility or unreliability of ai output.
3. A “consent popup” mechanism will be implemented to inform users about ai-generated defects or errors, and ai models must avoid bias, discrimination, and threats to the electoral process.
4. Compliance with the advisory is mandatory for all intermediaries or platforms within 15 days of issuance. After obtaining permission, developers may be required to perform demos for government officials or undergo stress testing.
5. Although not legally binding at present, the advisory indicates the future direction of regulation in India’s ai sector and signifies the government’s expectations for responsible ai development and deployment.

By following these guidelines, the Indian government aims to foster innovation while ensuring the responsible use of ai technologies in the country. The implementation of a “consent popup” mechanism and the labeling requirements for deepfakes underscore the government’s commitment to promoting transparency, accountability, and user trust in ai applications.

By Kevin Don

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